Thursday, February 26, 2009

Former Fatties is Going Multi-Media

A few days ago I contemplated video blogging. The idea was to make videos after workouts, but not post any until I was in my ideal shape and therefore no longer ashamed of the early videos. 

Then I saw Katy yesterday and she basically suggested the same thing! So this morning after my workout I put the computer up on the fridge and talked for 3 minutes. 

And...what the hell. I'm just going to post it. Tonight.

Hope the world is ready for shirtless Bobby. 

PS: Yesterday. I too have no idea what I ate at lunch. At first I thought, "Well I really just had rice and a bit of chicken." Then I remembered those skewer sticks. And the "dessert" which I'm pretty sure was flakey crust stuffed with peanut butter and sugar. Dinner = salad and pizza. So all in all I'm sure I lost 2.8 pounds yesterday.


No video yet, but that is where they will live. 

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