Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday's menu - Katy

Today wasn't awesome. Diet wise, it was fine. Life wise, not awesome. I was cranky, irritable (another word for cranky), stressed and physically wacked all day.

I gave blood, you know, doing my part to save lives (and get an extra vacation day). However, much to my dismay I was told that I couldn't exercise for 24 hours. I was REALLY planning on going to the gym tonight, for the first time all week. I was also supposed to go out to dinner with my college girlfriends beforehand, and that ended up falling through the cracks too. We all know I'm a natural born producer, and when I can't plan and schedule, my mood and my life goes to shit.

Combine that with the fact that the blood loss made me unable to see every time I stood up too fast. And the fact that knowing I'd given blood made me mentally accept that it was okay to eat as much candy as humanly possible. Among other things.

Sup drama queen.

Exercise - no, but I did get one last week one of the days I didn't blog.
HGs - yes.
Points - 20.5 / 22

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