Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Monday 2/2/09

Total Points: 33.5 / 31 - leaving 33.5 bonus points for the week
HGs?: Yes (1/5 needed for week)
Workout?: No (0/4 needed for week)

I hate eating in the morning. Every single other time of day there is nothing I love more (excpet Kelly Clarkson), but in the morning it just feels like WORK. Thus, it makes perfect sense that this is the only time when it is apparently really important that you eat. LIFE IS AWESOME!

I think the key for me is to get a few points in before I leave for work, but I'm so often in a hurry. I therefore spent most of yesterday feeling pretty hungry, which is NOT good, especially if I'm supposed to keep this up for another 107 days, 19 hours, 25 minutes, and 32 seconds. I've got some breakfast strategies, but I'll save them for a designated post.

My other life crisis was that I was still hungry towards the end of the day, but I was wasting 2 points on freaking olive oil just to complete my HG's and be able to subtract extra pounds at the end of our contest. Finally I remembered that WW gives you 35 Bonus points for the week. I essentialy made the decision that I'm going to use 2 extra points on olive oil for each of my 5 days counting my HG's. Then I'll still have 25 bonus points to have fun with during the week.

My food for the day:

3/4 cup Protein Plus Special K - 1
1 apple - 1
another 3/4 cup Protein Plus Special K - 1

Then throughtout the afternoon, I slowly ate:
Another Apple - 1
23 Almonds - 4
2 PB&J on wheat - 10
1/2 cup Raisins - 4

I measure out a tablespoon of Peanut Butter and a tablespoon of Jelly on each.

1 Chicken Sausage (I can't remember the brand right now but will update when I'm home) on a potato roll - 5
3 Servings Broccoli - 1
2 Tsp Olive Oil - 2.5
1 Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich - 2

Potato Rolls are delicious and high in fiber (and therefore low in points). I read a tip in a magazine once to buy a box of frozen vegetables and eat it yourself. Thus, I ate three servings of broccoli, which takes up so much of your plate but is really only 1 point. I dipped all of the broccoli in olive oil. Decadent.

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