Wednesday, February 25, 2009

No excuses, I'm just lazy when it comes to blogging.

Well, first of all, I must have that bulldog. THE cutest thing I've ever seen, hands down.

Second, I'm back in the office after being in Philly for two days on a shoot with Jazmine Sullivan, who'll bust the windows out your car. She was fantastic. The shoot was great. I love the craft services table.

Third, although I haven't been blogging, I *have* been doing a pretty good job with the diet. At least, a reasonable job. For example, Saturday night, I went out on a date with Alex to a great italian place. Instead of getting a cheese platter and pasta, which I would have loved, we shared a vegetable antipasto platter with assorted roasted vegetables, and then I got tilapia with shrimp (or as they said on the menu, "shrimps"), artichokes, roasted tomatoes and snow peas. And afterwards, instead of chugging beers, I drank cranberry-infused vodkas and seltzer. For a Saturday night, that's a victory all in itself.

I've also made the switch from my regular toasted everything bagel with low fat cream cheese, to now a scooped-out whole wheat everything with low fat cream cheese. I can still live my life, just with less carbs.

Since I like to start over on Mondays with blogging, I'll post my menus starting from then. I have everything else logged on, but usually am too lazy to write it here too. Why can't they just make an option to sync the two? Or make copy and paste format right?


Screen shots. It's unorganized because when I know the values of something I just enter it in quick rather than looking up in the database. But here:

Monday - even though I ate really healthy, the fruit/nut binge I had around 6pm on the set killed me. 12 points! Fuck. No HGs, no exercise.

Tuesday - No HGs, no exercise. But it's a success in it's own right that I stayed under, and especially so since we stopped at a rest stop on the drive back to NY and all I had was a baked potato and salad. Oh- add 1 pt for butter. So I used all 22 yesterday.

I am seeing Bobby (and Auria!) in two hours, for the first time since we started this thing. Since we'll be in a professional environment, I'm nervous as to how I am going to contain myself. But, I'm excited.

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