Monday, February 9, 2009

Sunday's menu - Katy

Total points - ??
HGs - Nuh uh.
Exercise - Yes. That I did.

I have no idea what I did yesterday. Like seriously, I couldn't begin to guess my points, but I do think I stayed under 22. If not, I definitely stayed under all my extra bonus points and APs.

  • Small banana - 1.5

Birthday brunch at Tricia's
  • 3/4 bagel with cream cheese - I'll guess 6.
  • Berries - 1
  • Some of this awesome extacy Chex Mix with chocolate, peanut butter, and powdered sugar - don't wanna know.
  • French fries with Charlie (the 2 year old I babysit) on the way home - ? I had like 4. So, I'll guess 4 points.

Dinner after Will Ferrell's "You're Welcome America" (fucking amazing) at TGI Fridays (fucking awful)
  • 1/3 of my chicken bruscetta pasta vomitinmymouthIhatechainrestaurants - ?? I can't find the stats, but I do know that it was one of the lowest calorie items on the menu. And I think I should've earned APs from all the dry heaving I did after I ate it, therefore making the meal 0 points.

Dessert when I got home to combat the nausea of my disgusting dinner
  • 100 cal pack of grasshopper cookies - 2 pts
  • 1 glass of skim milk - 2 pts

Okay, this was really half assed I know, and none of it was my "normal" way of eating, so I'm just going to pretend it didn't happen and start over today.

Best part of yesterday: We put on "Single Ladies" at brunch and my aforementioned 22 month old BFF Charlie was watching Beyonce and copying the moves. I. Love. Her.


  1. #1 what are HGs?
    #2 i swear to you i was just doing the single ladies in my room not 2 minutes ago & copying her moves like your aforementioned 22 month old BFF.

  2. hahahaha amazing. Charlie was doing the part where she puts her finger to her lips. It was just the cutest.

    HGs are Healthy Guidelines - sort of based off the food pyramid, Weight Watchers has a set of healthy guidelines you should get in - servings of fruit & veg, dairy, etc etc.

    This blog is really boring.