Sunday, February 8, 2009

Saturday's Menu - Bobby

The last time I was hardcore about Weight Watchers I actually found weekends easier because I often had more control over what I ate. Now that my weigh in day is Sunday morning though, I'll definitely be extremely diligent on Sunday (no more bacon cheeseburger and curly fries hungover breakfasts), but felt a little less pressure considering the 12 bonus points I had left over for the day. Now that I'm writing down what I ate though, I think next Saturday I'll try to be a little bit more diligent and healthier overall.

In summary, yesterday I ate (Not in this order): 
Yogurt - 2
Special K Protein Plus - 1
2 slices of pizza - 18
The world's most delicious apple - 1

For lunch, I went to Lite Bites, home of the British burger, but instead of that I got a turkey wrap with bacon bits and avacado. It came with chips but I didn't eat any! Instead I got a side fruit salad. I'm not sure how many points it came too, but definitely less than the 21 points I had left for the week. 

Update: Oh also, I didn't workout, but walked a TON. Craig's friend Jake, an artist, was in town, so we went to the MOMA P.S. 1 in Queens. The subway was being weird though so we walked there. It wasn't exactly mountain climbing but still, a fun, tiring day. No HG's but I already got all of mine for the week. 

And now I'm off get my forth workout by riding my bike on this ridiculously nice day.

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