Friday, February 6, 2009

Thursday's Menu - Bobby

I have phantom readers too (I see you, Hannah Burke.) If it makes you feel any better Katy, in my previous post I specifically asked for comments and have gotten zero. Also, I have laughed very loudly at every one of your posts. I'd really like you if you weren't my sworn enemy. 

Oh I feel like I should mention that I moved my weigh in day to Sunday, just so it would line up with our first weigh in. The weekly weigh ins aren't part of the bet, but it seems relevant when I say how many Bonus Points I have left. 

Total Points: 32.5/31 (21 to blow Friday/Saturday) I was SURE I had hit it on the nose when I added in my head, but has a tendency to add a stupid half a point when you have 2 of something. 
HG's: Yes. I do shots of oil. (4/5)
Workout: Yep, swam before work. (But did not swim again after work, as I told the internet I would - 2/4)

What is apparently my standard Breakfast:
2 eggs, yogurt, 2 slices of wheat - 8

Lunch (Rickshaw)
Bad news is 6 Dumplings apparently will set you back - 9.5
Good news is, the dressing separates itself, so i was able to only use 2 tsp of oil - 2.5
Great news is I got it on top of the large salad for a few extra bucks. I love knowing that veggies are free. 

Tangelo - 1 
12 Almonds - 2

1 MorningStar Veggie Burger - 2
1 Chicken Sausage - 3
2 Potato Rolls - 4.5

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