Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tuesday's Menu - Bobby (Updated)

Total Points: 37 out of 31 (Leaving 28.5 bonus points since apparently I over-counted for Monday's Broccoli - Thanks K!)
HG: Yes! (2/5)
Workout: No! (0/4)

First off, I'm really sorry about Gossip Girl. I know how much you loved it. The ones we love can hurt us the most. I'm glad that I somehow never watched another episode after watching the first 9 in one day. Just please tell me none of this is Blake Lively's fault. Loves her.

Second off, you are doing so great! Katy, I love that you worked out for an hour and a half yesterday even though you were sore. I thought I had done better than I did but then I realized I forgot to include the rice and the yogurt, for a total of 6 points. Still, I have plenty of bonus points left for the week, so I'm over it. In fact, you are SUPPOSED to use most/all of your bonus points, and I don't see a binge in my near future. 

Finally, I was much more in the groove of HG's, and I think my salad lunch was key. Tons of veggies, and I took my two teaspoons of oil and threw in a little balsamic for dressing. 

  • 2 eggs - 4
  • 3 slices wheat bread - 3.5
  • Salad. Only points came from an egg (2), half a piece of salmon (4.5) and oil (2.5)  - 9 total
  • 12 Almonds - 2 
  • 4 Bagel bites - 4
  • 1 LaYogurt Light Probiotic Vanilla - 2
  • Chicken breast - 5.5 (I used the Perdue Fit & Easy chicken because it has the words "Fit" and "Easy" in the name. I had two pieces, which, after some math, is about 1 standard chicken breast)
  • Half a plateful of broccoli - 0
Didn't get to go swimming because I had to stay at my apartment while workers fixed a pipe in my wall. Yes Craig was home but he can't be trusted / stop ruining my excuse. 

UPDATE: Forgot in my evening that the chicken breast was "Apricot" chicken. This means that it was cooked in apricot preserves and fat free Catalina dressing, which as best I could figured adds 3 points. Counted that on, just didn't blog it. 


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  2. i wouldn't EVER trust Craig Teal, this is not an excuse Pins but a really good decision...never leave Craig Teal home alone..especially with pipes.