Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wednesday's Menu - Katy

Bobby, I am REALLY proud of you. I only call you out on it here because I love you, and the only way I know how to show love is aggressively. Also, Jillian Michael's is rubbing off on me I guess, which has to stop immediately. Your loss so far is amazing; and to be honest, a little intimidating for me. You got this.

Total points: 26.5 / 22
Exercise: No. (7 total)
HGs: Yes. (7 total)

  • Fiber cereal, skim, berries - 4
  • 16 oz V8 Splash - 3

  • Salad, points from EVOO & chick peas - 4.5
  • Small plate of veggies, hummus, a little bit of cheese and whole wheat pita - 4
  • Apple - 1

Drinks - went out for Jess' birthday to Mama's Bar.
  • 3 mango-infused vodkas and soda - 6

Dinner when I got home (how did I deny birthday cake AND pepperoni pizza?!)
  • Mexican pizza with peppers, points from whole wheat wrap and cheese - 4

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  1. truer words than "the only way I know how to show love is aggressively" have never been blogged <3