Monday, February 2, 2009

Whopper Jr.

Today could have been worse, could have been a lot better. 

I knew going into today that it would be pretty impossible to accurately count my points - hosting a party in which everyone was bringing food and I wouldn't even be at my apartment until a few hours before everyone arrived. 

That didn't mean I had to go to Burger King for lunch though. My parents got engaged at Burger King (on April Fools Day) so I can't really turn them down when they offer to take T.J. and I there on the way to bringing us back to our respective boroughs. 

For years, I got the Double Whopper every time I went to BK. Today I got the Whopper Jr. The Double Whopper is just a stupid amount of food. There are way healthier choices in the world than a Whopper Jr., but I did what I could. 

Today is the highest eating day of the year. I'm a complete appetizer addict, and the Super Bowl is just hours of appetizers. Fortunately we didn't have any of my absolute faves. I ate a lot of crap, but never to the point of feeling full, let along painfully full. This is usually a Double Whopper of a day, but I chose to make it a Whopper Junior of a day. Was it healthy? Not at all. Was it within my points? Probably not but probably not absurdly outside of them. Essentially, for a Super Bowl - featuring a Steelers victory, no less - it could have been worse.

But it has become very clear to me that this contest will not be won by not eating quite as disgusting an amount of food as I usually would. As evidenced by the post below, it is going to be won by counting every point. This is exactly why I love this bet, because I can't just pat myself on the back and say I didn't do so badly, only to wonder why I never get any fitter. I need to actually get results. March 1st is 3 weeks and 6 days away.  Thank goodness I gave Katy 30 Day Shred, thus immobilizing her for the better part of the week. 

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