Thursday, March 19, 2009


EDITOR'S NOTE: This post was written and ready to post on Thursday night, but I apparently fell asleep while moving my hand towards the "post" button. Today I went to put a new post and found out this was saved in drafts!

Please pretend you read this Friday and stop being mad at me for not posting ever.

A quick review of how extra pounds can be subtracted for the final weight in. We're calling workouts and days where we get all of our HG's "Whammies" now. Apparently calling them "points" or "bonus points" was very obviously confusing. So:
  • 25 Whammies = 1 pound subtracted of off your final weigh in.
  • No more than 5 pounds may be subtracted total.
I think the way we were originally referring to it, you had to get to 5, and then get 5 of those. So that is a complicated way of saying you need 25.

I am proud of myself for remembering to blog tonight, but not proud of myself for leaving my little P90X calendar in Astoria and therefore not knowing exactly how many times I've worked out.

Somewhere since making this rule I convinced myself if I worked out 25 times I would subtract 5 pounds from my final weigh in. I'm glad that is not the case because now in order to get all 5 pounds, I have to work out like a madman and always strive for my HG's. All of this makes it feel much more like a crazy competition to me, which gives me confidence because I'm a competitive mofo. I will get every pound taken off. And by doing that...I'll be working out all the time, and eating extremely healthy. And therefore...I'll be fit!

Sorry Katy, you're going down like the numbers on my scale.

(The re-ignited competitive spirit has me tempted to end each post with a little smack talk. I hope I'm not the only one...)

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