Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Back to basics.

I got up and Shredded this morning. +1 AP for me. I'm going to give it my all to get a triple whammy today (it would be my first).

I also decided that, since our contest ends one month from today, I have to buckle down. I know I've been saying that for the past few weeks, and it hasn't been happening. No more "oh it's the weekend, okay, I can have ice cream every day," bologna. My "weekend" started out being only Sat-Sunday, and now my reckless eating pretty much takes place Thurs-Sunday. That's over half the week. This could be why I'm not seeing the results of my dreams, you think?

Anyway, in order to keep myself on track I'm reverting back to basics and I'm going to commit myself to blogging my daily menus again. When I was doing that, I was seeing bigger losses and I was being more responsible. I want 5 more lbs gone by the end of this thing.

So far today...
B: High fiber cereal with berries and skim - 4 pts (my body is getting too used to this, so I am going to have to find a new breakfast.)
L: We have a catered lunch from Havana Central (cuban), but I brought some leftover pasta to try and avoid that mess.
1.5 oz whole wheat pasta, with oil and my Italian veggie stir fry mixed in, 1 tbsp grated cheese - 5.5 pts

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