Monday, April 13, 2009

TYJ (Thank you Jesus)

Okay, I officially want to say that I think Easter is the fattest day of the year. At least for me. Let's discuss what I ate yesterday. I am not going to count the points, because if I did, I would commit suicide.

5 pieces of bacon (it was good bacon, OK?)
with ketchup
a piece of ham with honey mustard dressing
snazzy raspberry and apple stuffed French toast that I made from a Weight Watchers recipe (I had good intentions)
breakfast potatoes
...another serving of breakfast potatoes
a glass of OJ
a glass of fruit punch
an egg salad sandwich (made with my dyed eggs of course) made with light mayo & dijon mustard on light bread
Another small piece of ham
Cadburry cream egg
another bite of Alex's Cadbury cream egg
about 500 Peeps
Starburst jellybeans (sugar high through the roof at this point, I couldn't stop singing a song to Alex about "my little china baby doll"... I don't know)
Oh... and a Taco Bell bean burrito, because that was necessary. So was drinking some of Alex's Mountain Dew. And taking a bite of his cheesy gordita crunch.

Fortunately, and so sick of me, but I justify pigging out THAT much because of the fact that the night before, I drank so much that I threw up and also threw up my Greek salad dinner. So to me, I was just re-eating dinner...or something.

A really healthy approach to dieting... right here. FML.

I am trying out for WFG on Broadway. That means Worlds Fattest Girl.

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  1. don't worry ! calories count less on Jesus's special day. I am the absolute worst nutrition counselor because I have been studying like crazy to try and get my personal training certification and I have not been keeping up to date with good nutrition advice. I suck ! I am going to email you some fun stuff tomorrow!