Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Katy's menu - 8/18/09

Easing back into things I guess.

Total: 26/20

B: 5
Egg whites (2- in case they were cooked in butter/oil), on whole wheat toast (2), tomato (0), hot sauce/ketchup (0)
Iced coffee with 1/2 cup skim (1)

L- Blockheads: 9
Whole wheat wrap (3), black beans (2), veggies (1- maybe a bit of oil), salsa (0)
House salad with dressing (2)
2 Hershey Kisses (1)

Pre-date-night-snack (so I didn't get fatty popcorn at the movies): 3
Nectarine (1), banana (2)

Late, post-movie dinner: 9
Steamed veggie dumplings (3)
2 avocado rolls (6)

I feel like the points here are high- for example, I doubt there was a full 1/2c of milk in my coffee, and my egg whites truly weren't greasy. I also have no idea how to count the dumplings or avocado rolls, but according to an avocado roll is 2.5 points (which I have a hard time believing, so I bulked it up a bit). I did, however, have 2 pretzel bites from Alex at the movies, and a fried chicken wonton at dinner. So let's call it a wash.

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  1. oh! that hot sauce I was telling you about the other day is Ken's buffalo wing sauce, its sooo good, 15 calories per serving and a little thicker than frank's red hot, i've been using it as salad dressing