Saturday, August 22, 2009

Secrets of the Stars...

Those prone to judgement should probably go watch some sort of Real Housewives. Everyone else can stay and read this post. I'll wait while you decide.

Ok. So now that its just us accepting people here, I feel comfortable telling you that I think Ashton Kutcher is totally hot. You probably agree but I won't make you admit that. He's handsome, and, most relevantly, strikes a nice balance between thin and muscley. How does he pull that of? Lets ask his wife:

P90X! So I guess what you're telling me is I could have the body I want if I were to actually do my work out. The consolation I have is that I always complete my P90X workouts, but every time I have tried the 90 minute yoga DVD, I have never made it more than 25 minutes. I'm glad Demi Moore struggles with it too, as she is generally accepted as the fittest person in the world.

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