Wednesday, September 16, 2009


This just in from the Former Fatties Newsroom: Sources are telling us that just because you are at a restaurant chain that offers healthy choices, does not mean that whatever you get there is low in points.

Yesterday I went to Panera and decided to get a Sierra Turkey sandwich instead of my usual low-fat chicken noodle soup (2 delicious points.) Turns out that it was 12 points! And thats only for half a sandwich! So with the classic salad (I get the You-Pick-Two, where you choose two from a menu of half sandwiches, half salads, and full soups) and the apple it came to 15 points! That's what it costs me when I go to Burger King!

It gets way worse. Today I went to Subway, home of many low-point sandwiches and delicious multi-grain breads. I knew I wasn't making the best choice when I opted for meatball marinara, but I had no idea just how bad it was.

I got a 12 inch so I could save half for later, but it was so messy (and scrumptious) that I ate the whole thing. Then I looked up the points. 12...for a 6 inch. If I knew I'd be using 24 points I'd have just gone to Chipotle. At least that feels like real food.

So counting the FiberOne and Multi-Grain Cheerios I had for breakfast, we're looking at 26/29 noon. And I'm going to be in class with little breaks until 9:30 tonight.

This may seem like an FML post, but it really isn't. This is all just a part of the readjustment process. I am so full right now that I should be able to make it through most of the rest of the day only going a few points over (thanks, salad.) And I'm doing Yoga-X for an hour and a half tonight, so that buys me back a few points.

It really is great to be back, I thought I was back in the right mindset before The Rematch started, but now I KNOW I am. Even though I was recommitted to P90X, I would not have done it last night (or tonight...or tomorrow) just based on my schedule. But now, I refuse to let a chance for a Whammie pass me by. I may or may not have realized that my meals were higher in points than I had thought, but now I am keeping track of every point to balance out my slip ups through bonus points.

And I'm blogging about it. I like to keep Katy happy right up to the moment I snatch the Former Fatties crown right off if her pretty, skinny, little head.

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