Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This seems like a pretty good time to remind Katy about the existence of cupcakes.

I'd especially like to remind her about the existence of mini-cupcakes with individual dolups of frosting - making the frosting : cake ration perfect.

I really have to go to sleep but I do want to check in (and I do want to get a blog credit.)
  • Weighed in at 167.6. Two-ish pounds above where we weighed in. Considering the summer, that may be my crowning achievement. I wouldn't be surprised if I had another 15 pounds to lose. It wouldn't be unreasonable to be 155, I don't think.
  • Had a bit of bottom-of-the-mountain depression at one point today. The "how the hell can I do this" feeling is awful. You are adjusting to working out / eating and don't know how you'll last the day let alone the year. It literally only lasted a few seconds though as I remember having a HUGE freakout on day 1 or 2 of the original contest (oh, doesn't it seem so quaint?)
  • I loved the original bet's February challenge (and won it by dropping 10 pounds!) Let this be a reminder that there is a prize (and pride) at stake 29 days from now.
  • Cupcakes anyone?
  • Thought I was doing pretty well on points. Was actually doing awful. Ended up about 6 points over, which is fine because I'm still starving and last time I had a lot of success by easing into the points by dividing my first week's 35 bonus points over the days rather than binging on them. Highlights include:
  • 1 slice of Sbarro pizza which is apparently a whopping 10 points. They are bigger slices so it makes me feel like the 8ish points we usually charge for regular pizza is probably sadly accurate.
  • A hot dog and bun ( I got in Penn Station because I was so hungry I decided it was better to get something to eat (with some protein - my first of the day) to cut my craving. Didn't realize it would run me 8 points
  • A salad and half sandwich that I got from Panera because I assumed it was healthy. The salad was very low points and delish, but aparently the half sandwich was completely loaded. I've actually had better sandwiches there for less points, so this is why you should go into chains prepared.
  • Actual Highlight Alert: Kiwi Kazi smoothie from Planet Smoothie. It is so freaking good (and I get several a week) and the best I can figure it is 3 points. Soooo worth it. And since I request no added sugar, its really just fruit and ice. I would like to reapeat that it is delicious. I mean, not as delicious as a cupcake, but I mean...what is as delicious as a cupcake? Mmm...let's all think about cupcakes.
  • Finally, I P90Xed. Had similar feeling of overwhelmingness (how the hell am I supposed to do this for the full hour, let alone for 90 days?) I realized though that it is good that it is so difficult. In the words of Jillian Michaels, that pain you feel is your body changing. So it is actually really encouraging that I haven't hit my peak. There is so much I can do. Like eat some cupcakes.

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