Friday, September 25, 2009

Efficient Eating

I am suddenly hella tired as I begin to write this, so apologies for any lack of coherence.

I actually realized I haven't been blogging about diet nearly as much as I have been about exercise today, and planned to write this entry before Katy demanded it. So I get to pretend I make my own decisions!

I've probably been more focused on exercise than diet this time because I am much more focused on looking/feeling fit than I am on dropping pounds. At this point I'm not embarrassed of my weight, I'm embarrassed of my fat. Still, what you eat has a great effect on this too, so its worth discussing. I have read a lot about trying to walk the muscle building/fat burning line. I haven't really figured out the answers yet. That is frustrating because at this point I have figured out how to lose weight (at least for my body) but I'm in a bit of uncharted territory. My main concern is getting enough food. Well, enough good food - I could obviously go double on my points each day without breaking a sweat. I am a little concerned that with the amount I am exercising I am not getting enough nutrients. Even without trying to build muscle, I've read that this can cause you to put on fat - your body thinks you are starving and saves for the coming winter.

So my plan right now is to count activity points, to get as much lean protein as possible, and to choose natural foods whenever possible. Thanks to the pressure of HG's, I've started eating produce as snacks (and big parts of meals) where I may have previously chosen a bar or something. I'd rather have 2 pieces of fruit than a FiberOne bar. I'd rather have half a piece of salmon than a candy bar.

So after that rambling intro, here is really what I was going to write about today: by making good choices, you can get more food for your points, and therefore end up less hungry. Here is what I ate today:
  • 1 Whey Protein Shake (5) I know its crazy to go on about eating naturally and then start off with a powdered protein concoction, but I need the protein, and it is actually just organic milk mixed with 100% whey protein powder (whey protein occurs naturally in cheese.) What I don't know is how something can be both 100% cheese protein and chocolate flavored. Is there naturally occurring chocolate cheese? Who is responsible for keeping this from me? I assume that I burn almost all of this off through AP's.
  • 3 Eggs Whites On A Pepperidge Farm Deli Flat (2) This is probably the best example of Efficient Eating (patent pending.) It was actually the pre-separated egg whites, but that it is the same thing as if you had thrown 3 yolks out yourself. I used to be a big defender of whole eggs. Mmm, runny yolk on toast! At the end of the day though, they are totally not worth it. 3 full eggs is 6 points, and not really any more filling than 3 egg whites for 1 point. And plus cholesterol or something. As I mentioned yesterday, these new breads are tastier than regular wheat but half the points. Because I shaved all of those points off, I was able to have:
  • PB&J on a Deli Flat (4). I always read that Peanut Butter is one of the best foods for killing hunger. In moderation it really is great. Again, Deli Flats save the day.
  • Planet Smoothie Kiwi Kazi (3) I think I have already blogged too much about how great this thing is, so rather than going into that again I will just tell you that the guy in front of me in line got to the counter and said, "Hello, can I have a smoothie?" We were at Planet Smoothie.
  • Salad with Oil & Vinegar Dressing (3) and half a piece of Salmon (4.5) I probably could have gone for the whole salmon at this point. I may be over counting the dressing, but at this particular place it is pre-mixed and a little darker, so I'm less sure of what is in it than when I just put oil and vinegar in myself. Its also tough to get an accurate reading on the amount you are putting in when using the world's largest ladle.
  • A Banana (2)
  • Spinach Stuffed Turkey and 1 serving (maybe a little less) of brown rice (I have no idea but totally healthy and totally within my range.)
I probably had 31-33 points. I get 29 for the day. With activity points I might have even come in a little under (I did end up doing my abs for 15 minutes and then did a half hour vocal warm up on the elliptical...because I heard that Beyonce used to run miles and miles while singing as a teen.) I guess over the next few weeks I just have to listen to my body as it adjusts to intense workouts every day. I think that I'll know what is working and what is not. I hope at least.

There is a pretty good chance that I won't be able to walk tomorrow.

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