Thursday, September 24, 2009

Shaking in my boots

It seems, 10 days into our challenge, and Bobby is attempting to use sheer scare tactics to get ahead in this contest. Well, it's only sort of working.

As mentioned, this week has been full of social commitments (oh, I'm so popular), but I am really proud of the progress I am making and the shift in mindset that I have. Yeah, I went over yesterday because I don't even know what kind of food I ate, but I probably didn't go over by more than 5 points - and that's with 2 cocktails already included!

Breakfast was fat free pomegranate Greek yogurt, Fiber 1 and honey nut cheerios, and a banana:

Lunch was the other half of my banana, other half of my leftover veggie wrap, black bean soup, and a side salad.
And dinner included 2 glasses of sangria, 1/2 of some chicken appetizer and something about pork that was crunchy and most likely fried. I only had 1 little one.

Did I mention I got all my HGs in again?

Bobby, I'm not hearing much about what you're eating, and I want to know.

Anyway, off to another party now, then back to my place for a fiesta de tacos y frijoles con mis amigas mejores. Adios, gordos.

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