Thursday, September 24, 2009

Warning: Chance of Tripple Whammie!

This picture is to show Katy how sweaty I got after P90X: Legs & Back today. Since the DVD was playing in my laptop and Katy was online, I decided to IM her each move as we did them. This was supposed to intimidate/motivate her, but instead convinced her that I was lying on the couch typing the names of workouts rather than actually working out. I know I don't actually look that sweaty but...I'm vain (see: this blog) so I cleaned up and waited to turn less purple before posing.

Legs and back is the DVD that I did the least the last time I did P90X. My upper body needs more work than my legs, so if I missed one of those workouts I would do it later in the week in place of Legs & Back. I won't be doing that any more as I now remember that L&B is one of the most intense workouts, and does not neglect the upper body. Half the freaking thing is pullups.

Let us all take a moment to remember when Nikki called my legs "jacked." Thanks, N, if you're out there.

I feel less sick now than I did before working out. It almost makes me wish I hadn't been talked out of working out these past few days. To make up for the Whammies I haven't been getting, I'm going for the Tripple Whammie. I still haven't done Ab Ripper-X today. It is only 15 minutes, but it is hell start to finish. I think I'll pair it with 15 intense minutes on the elliptical.

Honestly, I feel out if whack and am worried about GAINING this week, forget losing 2 more pounds. There are 5 days till weigh in though, and I'm going to use them.

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