Sunday, September 20, 2009

Getting through the workout.

Back in the P90X game, I'm kinda surprised and glad by how hard they are. The surprise is likely due to the fact that when I finish the DVD, I feel like it wasn't so bad. I mean, if I can do it, how tough could it be? (It has come to my attention that I may no longer be 50 pounds overweight.) I think before restarting the program, it was those warm fuzzy feelings that I remembered.

While I am actually doing the workout though, let me tell you, I think there is no way that I will make it through. I will try to remember the post-workout feeling next time I want to stop early. I'm glad that it really is so tough though, because that way I know that its working. If it is really difficult, but when I complete it, my body is going to change.

And that is what got me through my workout today (Chest & Back...aka various forms of pushups and pull-ups...why is only one of those hyphenated?) It was knowing that in December I could look and feel way better than I do today by simply putting the work in. I have to tell myself that at this point if I don't look good in a few months its not because anything was stacked up against me, it was because I had an opportunity and just didn't take it. Whenever people ask me about losing weight, I always have the same response, "I stopped eating like a fat person and I started workout out. Turns out there's something to all that." And I really do believe that it is that easy. If you work out and eat right, you will be in shape. Easier said than done, but is not magic.

When I was doing what felt like my 40th set of pushups today, I wanted to stop after only a few reps, but pushed through by thinking of my "after" picture from last week. On the one hand it sounds unhealthy and unrealistic to go out and find a celebrity body shot that you want to resemble, and on the other hand, Zac Efron is only human. The difference between having a body like his and a body like mine is actually working out and eating right. My face isn't going to be as beautiful as his (although my face really is damn near unrecognizable at this point compared to Fat Bobby's) and I'm never going to be as tan. But I can work just as hard to have a body just as nice. And soon, I'm going to. So, commenters (I am going to pretend you exist), what is your inspiration photo? And what are you going to do to make it happen?

I do realize that this trick is probably most effective for the gays. There are so many more ways to want somebody's body.

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