Monday, September 21, 2009

Just checking in...

Weekend could have been worse, could have been a little better (there are no points in steak, appetizers, ice cream or pie when they are served to you by your grandmother on a Sunday night...right?)

Weighed in this morning. Didn't lose as much this week as I was hoping/expecting but I'm trying to remember all of that business about slow and steady. If I lose this much every week I'd be on track to throw my fifty pounds party by the end of this bet. Still, I'd hope for a bigger first week to compensate for the inevitable slow weeks. Right now I've got no room for error. Wait...I just remembered that my last weigh in was on TUESDAY, not Monday. Hmm...maybe I could lose a few more ounces today...

I am really glad that we adjusted the Whammies. I am going to have another long day today, but hopefully the sheer terror of another defeat at the hands of Katy is enough to scare me into jumping for at around midnight tonight. Today is going to be the first day that I actually go for my HG's. Having just reread them, I was much closer a few days last week than I thought; I should have gone for them. Ahh well. October 1st is rapidly approaching and I'd like to be beyond 20 Whammies both to leave myself wiggle room and to scare the pants off of KFC. I love it when she Donald Ducks it.

Every day is a new opportunity. Let's do this.

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