Monday, September 21, 2009

I get by with a little help from my friends.

Monday, Monday. The weekend has come and gone, and while not entirely a disaster, I certainly am not the Patron Saint of Weight Watchers. It was Alex's birthday which was basically a 48 hour nonstop celebration, but I still make some semi-wise decisions:

Saturday: Brunch at Cabana Bar which included Huevos Rancheros and unlimited Sangria (yikes), came home and passed out for a few hours, woke up and made a quesadilla with low fat cheese and black beans while everyone else ordered in. Drank in excess through the night at Union Hall. Came home and ate a baby bag of potato chips dipped in Franks Hot Sauce. I also ate a cupcake at the bar.

Sunday: Whole wheat everything bagel scooped out with egg whites and tomato, died of stomach pains, came back to life, ate some of Alex's french fries from Bark, and later made Alex a nice birthday dinner. Solely of Weight Watchers recipes!!! (he had no idea...until I told him). I made turkey chili, homemade mac and cheese, and orange-and-cinnamon glazed carrots. I think, if I'd had the whole serving of each, it would have been only 11 points. But I could barely eat because my stomach hurt so bad (somethings wrong), so I'd say I only ate maybe 7-8 points of it.

Last week, I had a whiney baby bitch fest to Bobby when he IM'ed me to check in on my status. I really just haven't been trying, there are no excuses. I feel/felt a lot less motivated for some reason, but that is going to change. I have been having some serious stomach issues lately, and I am going to hope that by getting back into a routine of eating right and exercising (what's that again?) that my body will sort itself out and I'll start feeling better. Because let me tell you, I've been miz.

But regardless, Bobby has been great and so supportive and so encouraging and apparently is just asking for me to whoop him again, so I guess I'll do it. He also said something to the effect of "when I know you're not trying, I'm not trying," which is exactly right. We are doing this together, in all honesty, and owe it to each other to each bring 110% to the table. So today, I am going to eat right and I'm going to work out.

Bobby sent me the sweetest text this morning, which I am going to share just in case Zac Effron ever reads this blog and he should know how amazing Bobby is:
"It is an unbelievably beautiful day. And you are an unbelievably beautiful girl. You got this, Champ."

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