Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Katy - Week 1 roundup

Week 1 came up short of being a success, but I’m not going to let it get me down. I actually gained weight this week, and while I’m not entirely surprised, I’m going to attribute some of it to the fact that a) I added an absurd amount of salt to my food yesterday, and b) it’s my special time.


I’ve turned over a new leaf and embraced a new attitude this week, and regardless of the setback on the scale this morning, I’m really proud of how I did yesterday. I came in under my points (I say tentatively) and I got a workout in. For the first time since mid-July, I went to the gym and worked out. I decided a pilates class would be a good way to start, which was mostly true except for the fact that my teacher was so fucking weird and taught class like a robot.

I got a new BlackBerry and took pictures of some of my food to try and make this blog more exciting. Not sure it worked. I need to remember to take the pictures before I start eating and things look nasty (I'm not posting the picture of the chili for that reason).

B: Special K Fruit and Yogurt (2), Fiber 1 (0), skim (2)
L: Salad with points from oil (2.5), kidney beans (2), and maybe the roasted mushrooms(1)?

S: Banana (2), coffee (0)
D: Leftover chili (4) with a dollop of FF sour cream(1), leftover carrots (1)

And, I had 2 bites of leftover birthday cake which I’m guessing clears out my remaining 2.5 points.

REALIZATION: I love cooking. After cooking for Alex’s birthday, I realized I really love doing it and I’m going to do it more. Send me any ideas or recipes or requests you have, and I will cook. I also realized that my Italian blood runs deeper than I thought, because my compulsion to feed my boyfriend 24/7/365 is kind of insane. It also helps that he tells me that everything I make is so good... But even I know, that macaroni was way too dry.

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