Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Let's get physical

I said it was time to kick up the workouts, and I have. On Sunday, I returned to the gym and threw myself back into my old workout (2 miles on the treadmill, a plethora of abs, core, butt and arms on the floor with hand weights). Coming home and barely able to move, I went with my friend Craig and did an Improv Everywhere skit in my neighborhood. Picture over 2,000 people walking invisible dogs all over my neighborhood in Brooklyn. People were confused; it was ridiculous.

(pardon the picture and the fact that I look like a total tool. Craig hasn't sent me the better one yet.)

It was also another probably 4 miles of walking. I was tired. Yesterday I did pilates on the floor in my room.

Anyway, I'm trying to really hard to get my whammies in so I can get my bonus this month. I'm doing alright.
B: Fat free plain Greek yogurt with a packet of Splenda and Fiber 1.
L: Turkey sandwich on whole wheat with lettuce, tomato, onion, granny smith apple, and honey mustard. Steamed carrots.
D: Homemade pizza on Trader Joe's Lavash bread, drizzled in EVOO, with a schmear of sauce, tons of roasted tomatoes (that I made!), sprinkled with parmesan and provolone. Some yogurt covered pretzels for dessert.

Also, I hate maintenance on Weight Watchers. I lost 2 pounds this week, and instead of the old shooting stars and smiley faces, I got this grim message:
"You lost some weight this week. You might gain or lose a bit in your first few weeks of Maintenance, but you should eventually learn to maintain your weight within 2 pounds above or below your goal. If you’re losing too much, consider using all of your weeklyPOINTSAllowance or activityPOINTSvalues, if you haven’t before. Your aim in Maintenance is to stay steady."
Since I'm not trying to maintain, and actually trying to lose, I am currently trying to change it so I can get my encouraging messages back. Maintenance schmaintenance.

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