Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A small victory.

Yesterday, I went out to eat for both lunch and dinner. Normally, this would equate a points overload and no chance of getting my HGs in. I'm happy to report I did get all my HGs in, and, had I been able to keep my paws off of Alex's wings for a hot minute, I would have stayed within my points range, too.

B: Special K, Fiber 1, skim
L: Heirloom tomato salad with a few little bits of mozzarella cheese and some sort of oil drizzled over it. Petite, but so delicious. I'm going to miss all the fresh produce of summer.
D: 1 cup of black bean soup (desperate for my healthy protein), 1/2 of a grilled veggie wrap (no cheese), side salad instead of fries, and 3 wings with blue cheese

I have the other 1/2 of my wrap and rest of my soup as leftovers, possibly for lunch today.

Speaking of whammies, I just ripped my whammie calendar from FF round 1 off my desk. I'd made a little calendar to track how many whammies I was getting through the end of the contest. See:

And, I just made a new one (got some work to do):

Keeping our blog focused on food and fitness, and not erotic fantasies (jk BoRo)... I was thinking about doing an experiment. I've been thinking about different kinds of diets and different ways people eat, and I was thinking about vegetarians. I have quite a few vegetarian and vegan friends; it's definitely an easier lifestyle to live in NYC than most other places. There are so many restaurants and even grocery stores that cater to vegetarians. Anyway, since I really don't eat that much meat to begin with, I'm thinking I might try to be vegetarian for a week. Definitely not as a complete lifestyle change, just as a little test as I'd be interested to see how it makes my body feel and how it impacts my weight loss. I'm already an eater of veggie burgers, veggie sausage, and other things. The only meat I really eat is turkey sandwiches, ground beef (burgers or tacos) and chicken. Maybe I'll give vegetarianism a try next week. What do you think?

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