Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Why I wish I'd won last time.

Take a look at this (click it to zoom if you need):
These are my last 20 Facebook profile pictures. Notice anything?

To those of you who noticed that I have the exact same face as my mother, I say, "Thank you." To those of you who wonder why I look a million times hotter in that one picture in the top center from the day I cut my hair, I say, "I don't know but I've been trying to replicate it since that day. I was only that hot for one moment in time. Life is hard."

No. What you were supposed to notice is that I only wear 3 different shirts when I'm going out! That is because I only have 3 shirts that make me look thin and good. I sometimes end up looking overdressed because I tuck my shirt in because it doesn't fit me right otherwise. That is fine because I never have a problem being the snazziest person in the room, but still, it would be nice to have $150 bucks worth of clothing right now. Actually there is a coat that exists that is $149 that I REALLY want to rock this winter. Watch out, Katy.

Since this is already the gayest blog post of my life, I will completely randomly take it further. I am in such a Cyndi Lauper phase right now. She is fantastic! I'm not really into 80's production but behind it are some fantastic songs. And her voice is amazing and she is the coolest person ever and I want to tour with her. But, more relevantly, pretty soon I'll have a hot body and an extensive knowledge of the Lauper catalog. I am SO going to land a sugar daddy! There is no way Anderson Cooper didn't used to belt out "Time After Time" in his bedroom when he was younger. (As I am writing this Cyndi just did the coolest thing with her voice.)

Oh my goodness, I just realized that I now blog primarily about guys I want to hold hands with. Apologies, readers. Oh wait...

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