Monday, January 11, 2010

Home sweet home.

I have returned from my mini-vaca in the very cold state of Vermont. Tucked away in mother natures quiet places, we didn’t have any internet service at our condo so I wasn’t able to blog. I’ll try to keep the summary brief.

My skiing history is limited and traumatic. I had a ski accident/incident when I was in 4th grade and created a human avalanche of people (starting with me), that was much more painful to my ego and psyche than it was to any part of my body. However, it kept me off the slopes for over 10 years. In 2008, I went skiing twice, not getting off the bunny hill either time but still making some progress. Not totally hating it, at least. So I decided to try and man up this time around (I really didn’t want my family and boyfriend to think I was a baby). I took a lesson, and went down the easiest run on the mountain three times! VICTORY!! So proud of myself, I “graduated” from ski school and said goodbye to my nice middle aged moustache-wearing instructor, and set to show of my new skill set to my family.

Ehhh not so much. I totally got inside my head and panicked. Made it about 3/4 of the way down the mountain on skis, decided this wasn’t fun anymore and took them off. I attempted to use the evening to relax myself and pump myself up for skiing day 2, but history is bound to repeat itself. 10 feet from the chair lift at the top of the run, one panic attack, and a brief snow patrol snowmobile ride later, it’s safe to say I’m putting my skis to rest, at least for a little while. (My boyfriend knows I am a baby and loves me anyway.) I can still dress like a snow bunny and hang out in the lodge with the best of them, this time not ruining my makeup with mascara tracks down my face, thank you.

I had a great time with my family and my new meat-restricted diet (as “vegetarian” sounds like too much of a plunge at this time). I had one slip up – a slice of bacon, of course – as my brothers were cooking breakfast and I popped a piece in my mouth without thinking about it. Otherwise, cutting meat from my diet for the past week has been really easy! Dare I say it’s even been kinda fun?

- Track what I eat. Stay within my allotted 20 Weight Watchers points per day and 35 weekly points.
I probably scored a D- on this. I tracked for the beginning half of the week, and wrote down everything I ate (but didn’t calculate points) for the first couple days in Vermont. Then I stopped writing, and started drinking. Overall, I didn’t do horribly but I’m not expecting to see weight loss this week. I am not disappointed.
- Exercise 2x in the fitness room at our condo. Try skiing for at least 1 day.
I’d give myself a B+ here. I tried skiing for 1.25 days, did yoga one day, and yesterday I went to the gym (we left really early to drive back, so even though my workout was here in Brooklyn, I’m counting it on vacation time). Also, walking in ski boots should be considered a workout of it’s own.
- Overall, I’m just going to try to keep it under control on our mini-vaca, and not get stressed out (funny how family vacations do that).
I get an A-. Minus one baby stress-induced freakout I had a ton of fun with my fam and more or less didn’t go too buck wild with the eating – minus 1 night with an extreme whiskey binge to compliment a roaring game of Balderdash. I paid for the whiskey the entire next day.

- Track meals. Count points. Lose at least 1 lb.
- Work out 3x. Yoga 3x in addition in the morning or before bed.
- Find some new recipes to try and get back into cooking! I bought a new cutting board and dish towels to motivate myself.

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