Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My week in brief.

So it is clearly almost 2 AM so I'm going to pull the "just got back home" card and delay my weekly goal-by-goal post until tomorrow. A side effect of that is that I get to feel really great about myself. When you really get down to the details, I did pretty terribly this week, actually. In a broad overview though, this week was incredible. It comes down to two examples:
  • In November-ish, I tried on size 30 waist jeans and was delighted/astounded that they fit. I promptly asked for them for Christmas. Christmas arrived and while I could technically get them on, I'm not sure they could have legally be considered a "fit." I brought them on my roadtrip thinking I'd squeeze into them for my photoshoot, but no squeezing was required! At all! My stated mission for this chapter of our journey is to just have a tighter body, regardless of weight, and I'm not sure there could be a more tangible sign that I've taken a step in the right direction.
  • I'm not sure if I've ever blogged this or just said it to Katy and Liz a million times, but I've often daydreamed about going beyond "not fat" into "people talk about how hot I am when I leave the room." Well...it happened! You know how in movies/trainwreck reality shows there is often someone who has had a traumatic childhood and never been told, "I love you" by anyone until the person of their dreams/some vaguely-licensed counselor says it to them without realizing that it was a wonderful turning point in the character/skeezebag's life? It was like that, but way vainer.
I'm loving the feedback we've been getting, so readers / fellow bloggers, has anyone ever made your day without even realizing it?

OK there is no good reason I am awake right now.

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