Monday, January 18, 2010

Why am I still doing this?

I don't mean blogging, I mean trying so hard to get in shape. I realized this morning that I actually need to stop and remind myself. I had been focusing so hard on the deadline of my photo-shoot that I now find myself struggling to feel any sense of urgency. And that is dangerous. So, here is a random sampling of reasons that I should be counting my points and working out every day:

Because this picture was taken after I had previously lost 20 pounds:
Let that be a reminder of how quickly you can let it slip away. And yes that meal is named after me.

Because it makes me feel good.
I was in a real funk last week, having nothing to do with fitness. I want to thank the girls for helping me through that, but I really regret using it as an excuse to let fitness fall by the wayside.

I'm a huge believer in headspace. I just felt like I had so much on my mind, like I was so drained, that I couldn't possibly be bothered to work out and count each freaking thing that I put in my mouth. What I need to remind myself in these times is that this can actually be part of the solution, not the problem. What better way to clear your head than to think of nothing more than trying to survive for an hour of working out?

Besides the endorphins and all that business, the sad truth is that I just feel better in general when I think that I look good. That is part of the reason I like getting dressed up all spiffy [Photoshoot Preview #1]:
Because I never know who or what the day might bring.
Little deadlines are great motivators, but I want to get to the point of looking great and feeling great all the time. Life can be really fun when you're a single young gay in New York who loves what he does. I don't ever want to miss out on something or hold myself back because I don't feel hot enough. Screw that.

Because of the sheer terror of summer.
The weeks slip by so quickly this time of year. The Memorial Day Countdown Clock is officially ticking, folks: 132 days, 5 hours. Thats around 18-19 weeks. Enough time to get ripped, for sure. Also enough time to look exactly like I do right now.

And finally, because they are casting Kurt's boyfriend for season 2 of Glee.
And you know who is perfect for that role? This guy [Photoshoot Preview 2]:
So, commenters and especially fellow bloggers, why do you want to be in better shape than you are today?


  1. photo shoot pictures look awesome!!

  2. Pictures are so fun!

    I want to get in shape so that I can feel good in my own skin and wear some hot dresses.

    Also a little more confidence when dating would be swell too!