Thursday, February 25, 2010

Panic at the Westside Market

This morning started out great. I went to Weigh Watchers had a killer weigh-in. I lost all the weight I had gained last week (that I was too ashamed and chicken to blog about) and than some!!! 4.4 Pounds in total!!!!!!!!!

Than I got a call from my parental units who got our taxes done today and my tax return is HUGE! I felt like I won the lotto (for some reason the 50cent song have a baby by me and be a millionaire song is stuck in my head- my tax return has done bad things)

Than after an doctor's appointment I was walking around NYC in the snow loving my life when I past by the Westside Market.

It is this beautiful market that always has such colorful fresh fruit on its stands. Whenever I walk by I want to buy all the fruit and today I thought why not treat myself to a delicious piece of fruit. So for the first time ever I went inside the market. It was even more beautiful in there.

There were rows of all delicious looking food and now I realized that it was 12:45 and I had not had lunch yet and I was HUNGRY! THAN PANIC STRUCK! WHAT TO EAT WHAT TO EAT WHAT TO EAT! (keep in mind I had a packed lunch in my bag) The craziest thing was I was having a physical reaction to the stress and temptation of the market- my pulse quicken, I felt light headed, and felt my brain get foggy.

What ended up happening was that I had 4 free samples of foreign cheese than STOPPED, bought my healthy snack, and than headed for the door.

(I ended up buying a fruit salad, weigh watchers yogurt, and Watermelon falvored Essence water.)
So I even though I panicked at Westside Market I made it out alive!! Horray!!

Unfortunately the feelings of panic have not been easy to shake and have made me more concerned about a dinner party I am going to tonight. The host sent an email discussing what she would could make for dinner- she stated "I was thinking about making eggplant parm and manicotti for dinner but I could make chicken and salad if everyone wants to go healthy." My other friends responded "how often do we see each other- let's go high calories!!"

UGH! Why does celebrating that we're hanging out have = high cal dinner? I never responded to the chain. I didn't feel comfortable saying I'm trying to lose could we go with a lower calorie option. I wanted to be the gracious, thankful guest not the picky, demanding one. I'm sure there is a friendly, kind way I could have asked for a low calorie meal but I didn't so I am left with a challenge tonight.

Bobby's brilliant advice was:
even with high cal
you can do portion control!
YES its so hard to remember though
you are going to have an amazing time tonight
whether you overeat or not
so wouldnt you rather have fun AND be proud of yourself?
i KNOW you can do this
and just think of how great its going to feel at your next weigh in
So I'm going to try and follow his advice, watch my portions, load my plate with veggies, and I'm bring a fruit salad for dessert. I want to try enjoy the people and be in control with my eating. Wish me luck!!

Here are some photos I took walking around snowy NYC:

snowy Columbia

Central Park- so pretty!

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