Thursday, February 4, 2010

A personal triumph!

I have been experimenting with P90X and Insanity for close to a year now. I have had amazing results with these programs, but I have never completed a full week of them. I've kept with them for a few weeks, missing days here and there, but I have never had a single 6-days-of-working-out-followed-by-one-day-of-rest week. Until now.

I just completed both Cardio Abs and Pure Cardio, both of Insanity fame. I feel amazing. In response to BEE's comment on my last post, my legs weren't quite begging for mercy as much as I'd have liked them to this morning, but as soon I started using them again today they sent up flairs of distress. And thats why I'm so proud to have pushed through this set, knowing the finish line was so close.

While this has been my best week ever fitness wise, I haven't been tracking my eating, even though I've been making just about every effort to make healthy choices. I guess thats where my room for improvement is next week.

I'm doing my best to eat as much produce and protein as possible. Today has been a mixture of bananas, protein shakes, grape tomatos, and so many egg whites, but now this, my reward:
It is a single, smallish piece of leftover eggplant parm, half a cup of whole wheat pasta with just a little sauce, and a protein shake. I may be starting to love protein shakes. I thought about bringing this to work with me for my break/dinner, but decided that I'd rather have my less-healthy meal in the middle of the day.

I love that I got this workout done so early in the day. Now I can go through the rest of the day and evening without feeling guilty or having anything hanging over my head. And my eating choices can be helped by the fact that I don't want to screw up the work I've already put in today.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go back to enjoying my victory meal while listening to that acoustic performance of "Halo" that Beyonce and Chris Martin did at the recent telethon. You know, the one where instead of saying "baby" she said "Haiti." Except, in my head, she actually changed it to "Bobby." Beyonce and I are both so classy.

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