Thursday, February 18, 2010

Re: You Know You're a Maturing Former Fattie When..

You Enter the Danger Zone and DO NOT EAT!

I work with children with autism in their homes. This week I spent days with one client whose kitchen has the most junk food in the whole world. I'm talking chips, doritos, ice cream, M&Ms, skittles, starbursts, you know name it. The family is also so generous and offer me anything I want so my world is open to all of these tempting foods. The mom actually called me from the supermarket to see what kind of food I wanted while I was there- so sweet but so unnecessary.

The first day I did well in the morning. I ate the foods I packed and did not eat any of the family's food. However in the afternoon things got stressful. My client was having a rough time, my interventions were not working, he was getting upset, and I was getting stressed. Finally when my client calmed, I was stressed, tired, and surrounded by TONS OF JUNK FOOD=DANGER ZONE!!! What did I do?


The next day I returned with a better plan and attitude! Today I ate every hour and half so I never was hungry in their house. When my client was allowed a break I read a Weight Watchers magazine to stay motivated. Most importantly, I not only brought my own food, I brought yummy, point friendly food that I was looking forward to eating. I figured why would I eat their food if I had food I really wanted to eat? and...

YAAAAAY! I also tracked and had a positive attitude. These two days have been a great reminder of the learning process. One mantra that I love is:

Never a Failure Always a Lesson!
(Rhianna has that tattooed on her, post Chris Brown, and I love it! )

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