Wednesday, February 17, 2010

You know you're a maturing Former Fattie when... go out to dinner with one of your favorite drinking buddies and make great, healthy choices.

Jacky and I took a ton of classes together, and several times a semester we'd get together to "study," which would quickly turn into hours of drinking and rocking out (she always had an acoustic guitar AND a case of wine in her dorm. Awesome.)

Tonight, we still had a FANTASTIC time, but we were so good! I admit I got a Diet Coke, which I'd recently sworn off for fear of cancer, but Jacky got an Iced Tea! What a great idea! I am TOTALLY becoming an unsweetened iced tea with lemon person! That was my last diet soda.

It helps when you are at a restaurant that offers healthy options that you could have a naughty dream about. We went to Cafeteria on 17th and 7th, home of a turkey burger topped with avacado that is as good as any burger - turkey or otherwise - I've ever had:

It also probably helps that the waitstaff there is entirely populated by gays that are hot in that fit, pretty, New York way. They offer some totally unhealthy choices but I'd have felt shamed if I had asked my waiter for them.

Typically, the turkey burger comes with the sweet potato fries that taught me that I don't hate but in fact LOVE sweet potato fries. Earlier in the week I had planned on getting them since I was going to be going out with an old friend. Instead, I subbed them for extra greens! And I didn't miss them! I tried to really embrace the idea that it's the people that make an occassion special, not the food. And that was totally true! We had so much fun.

I knew it would come down to the wire as to whether I went through with it, so I prepared myself. I took a bag of blueberries on the train in so I wouldn't be starving when ordering. And I reminded myself of something I heard Scott Hamilton say on the Olympics last night. Apparently no defending World Champion has won the Olympic gold medal in men's figure skating since Hamilton himself in 1984. So, this year's defending World Champ (not to be confused with reigning Former Fatties world champion, Katy) asked Scott how he did it.

"I made sure that when I got there, I had done everything I possibly could to win."

And so, I know what I want (a slammin bod by summer 2010) and I will make sure I do everything I can to get it.

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