Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm an atomic bomb.

When my friend Auria recently lost 5 pounds in a week and we looked up what five pounds of fat looks like (I will link to that post once I'm not on the train), she wondered, "where did it GO?"

The answer is obvious if you stop and think about it. When we lose weight, we are actually taking a part of ourselves, fat, and transforming it into energy that is released into the world. Turning matter into energy is the concept behind the atomic bomb.

Liz seemed to surprise herself last week by bringing up a power outside if herself. I'm a bit delayed in agreeing, but more specifically, I find that power in the very idea of energy, motion, vibrations. The universe doesn't just exist, it moves. Not to go all music-geek on you, but harmonies, probably my favorite things in this world, are nothing more than atoms moving in a perfect mathematical relationship with one another. The fact that this motion can give you the chills makes me believe, at the very least, in a balance to it all.

And so I've been inspired this week by thinking of myself as an atom bomb. I have got more potential energy than I know what to do with. It isn't fair to the universe for me to just carry it around on my gut. And so, I explode.

Most of this week has been pretty great, although yesterday I had my obligatory "why isn't the scale changing" freakout. Infinite thanks to Katy and Liz for getting me through that.

It is a lot of fun to get through a workout by imagining yourself a sheer force of the universe. And today I realize that I may not be getting smaller, but I'm definitely getting more powerful. Watch out.

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  1. yea
    i can feel the power lol
    that is a great way to thin kbout it all