Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Never really alone.

Sometimes, people aren't going to be there to give you exactly what you need. When it's a freshly made bed in your hotel room, for example, and the cleaning lady is not permitted to touch your pajamas that are strewn about the bed.

In her defense, I found this apology to be sweet and genuine despite the obvious language barrier.

Other times - and fortunately, most of the time - there are people who are always going to be there to make you feel cozy and warm, and assure you that you're not a total mess. I've been realizing that lately, in terms of the weight loss/healthy living journey as well as on the road of life.

Bobby told me earlier this week that playing a leadership role in others' healthy life choices directly correlates to one's own success (did I get that right, B?). He's so right. Leading by example is a pretty empowering thing. It's definitely something that has always been an important value of mine - with my family, back in school, with my health, and in my career.

Trying my very best is something my parents ingrained in me since I could walk, and has helped me appreciate and value that in myself and others. Seeing others push to be their personal best, make choices that are selfless when it may not be what they want, and who are motivated by good intentions alone is SO inspiring to me. I don't always make the best decisions - I can be stubborn, selfish, and lazy at times. But, I have friends and other people in my life (even other bloggers!) who I endlessly look to as inspiration for how I want to live and be my best self. I'm grateful for those people on a daily basis, and I try to make sure they know it (if you're reading this, it's you).

In honor of pushing myself beyond my comfort zone to grow, I did two things last night that combine my passions with something that makes me a little uneasy. I went shopping, and I ate... alone and in an unfamiliar place. Generally those are hobbies I like to enjoy socially with company, where I'm less likely to get overwhelmed or anxious.

So, after we wrapped at work yesterday, I headed to the mall and then to dinner here in PA. I was getting kind of tired of the long, extravagant dinners (and so was my waistline!), and just wanted something quick, healthy and fresh. Although I'm not usually a fan of chain restaurants, I decided to give Qdoba a shot.

A "naked" salad with fajita veggies, grilled veggies, black beans, pinto beans,
2 types of salsa, and (yucky) dressing on the side.

It was good - fine - but pretty much fell into the usual "blah-zay" and not-super-fresh category that most chain restaurant food seems to be. Just...weird. I can't explain it. I'm a food snob. Most people - especially my 2 boyfriends Bobby and Alex - would love this place.

Okay, to say I
was alone at dinner might be a little bit of a lie. I did have some company across from me in the booth: MORE new clothes!

I got a striped dress to tie into my new French-inspired wardrobe desires,
and a black miniskirt that I mostly had to buy because it was size small and fit (VAIN!).

I also got some saucy red lipstick from Sephora since I'm going to the Ball on Saturday!

I pushed not only my credit card limits last night, and I pushed my personal limits a bit too. Ultimately, a success.


  1. That note is really cute. I can't wait to see the clothes! Did you get your dresses from RTR yet? I want to see pics!

  2. Not yet, they are coming Friday so I will get them when I get home from Lancaster. And then the ball is Saturday, so I am really leaving no room for error and these dresses better fit.

  3. I'm sure they will fit!! I can't wait to see them!

  4. NO JOKE- I was walking by H&M today saw a striped shirt and thought how French!

    Way to be!