Monday, February 8, 2010

Turing a Negative into a Positive

Good Afternoon Former Fatties and Friends!

I am really working on staying more positive with myself and my weight loss. At times when I make an unhealthy choice I get so upset and angry with myself that I can get in a really negative mood. When I'm more negative it is more difficult to make healthy choices, put in the effort to lose weight, or find the motivation to keep on going. In order to avoid this I'm trying to convert my negative thoughts into positive thoughts and focus on the good. Here it goes:

Negative thoughts:
  • I did not track what I ate Saturday or Sunday.
  • I did not work out Saturday or Sunday.
  • I did not do well this weekend.
  • I must have gained 238590-2385 pounds this weekend.
Positive thoughts:
  • I made much healthier food choices than I have in the past:
  • I opted for a veggie burger instead of a meat.
  • I left the majority of fries (a HUGE temptation) on my plate.
  • I did not have a slice of pizza in Penn Station when all of my friends were chowing down.
  • I had egg whites on wheat toast at a diner when I was chaperoning my cousin's after party for his middle school play.
  • I DID the POLAR BEAR PLUNGE! Talk about doing something outside your comfort zone. I ran into the ocean in the middle of February!! It is such a blast. I highly recommend it for anyone in the NY area.
  • Last but not least I got up at 5:15 today, was at the gym before 6am, and ran 3 miles. I have tracked everything I ate today, and I am determined to keep pressing on!

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  1. for p90x i have 5 pound 8 pound and 15 pound how many more dumbells do i need
    20 30???
    i dunno if its alot harder than jillian i dont think id be able to do it lol
    is insanity the jumping around on you were doing the other day
    if so where can i get that
    that actually looked hard but fun
    i like cardio alot