Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It is not about the scale...it is not about the scale...it is not about the scale...

Ugh. Official weigh in: 162.6, or .8 pounds up. I know this is a pretty insignificant gain, but it is really frustrating considering I was at 160.4 or something at on unofficial weigh-in late last week. I really feel like I can just never cross the 160 mark.

But, despite the number, I feel and look fitter than I ever have. It is time to start the (probably slow, difficult) adjustment to the fact that I'm not necessarily trying to drop pounds anymore. I just wish it was easier to measure fat - I hear those scales that claim to do that are wildly inconsistent. Anyone have any good ideas?

My big fear right now is that I'm going to end up one of those guys who is muscley, but with a thick coating of fat on top. Katy and I used to worry about ending up skinny-fat. I'd rather be muscley-fat than skinny-fat, but I'd prefer to just be muscley. I've been asking around and it sounds like I need to be getting waaaaay more protein, but I'm concerned that with that also comes way more points. So I think I'm going to start eating more protein, but also working out more. Last night after a pretty intense arms workout, I really just wanted to run. I was disappointed to realize I was wearing the wrong shoes. I think all of this exercising and healthy eating has left me with more energy than I know what to do with. That is great but if I understand correctly, extra energy gets turned into fat if you don't use it. Not OK.

Should be an interesting week, folks.

TMI UPDATE: Ok, so just before I went downstairs for my breakfast, I pooped and weighed in again. 161.8! So I broke even this week. Stupid post-gym late dinner gettin me all worked up. Still, the message of this post remains true.

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  1. The scales with fat percentage are really unreliable. The best way is to get measured with calippers at a gym or get dunked in one of those hydro tank things. My gym measured me with calippers for free when I took a free personal training session, maybe yours has something like that?