Tuesday, February 9, 2010

5 Pounds of Fat. 5 Pounds of Muscle.

Apparently my protein goal should be around 120-140 grams a day in order to build tons of muscle. I was nervous about fitting that much protein into my points, but I just had a 9.5 point breakfast (I'm allotted 29 points a day) that contained 74 grams of protein!
The (20 grams of) protein shake obviously helped, but the 6 eggwhites were actually the same number of points (2) but with more protein (24g v. 20g.) I also enjoyed my beloved Special K+FiberOne+Low Fat Yogurt (in my favorite flavor - cherry) and an Arnold Sandwich Thin (1 point, 6 grams of protein!)

I'd like to give a very special Former Fattie congratulations to my good friend Auria. Auria is the one who convinced me that WeightWatchers works in 2008, and helped me get through that crazy adjustment phase where I had to start putting vague numbers on everything I ate. We lost a lot of weight together, and she is fully committed to Former Fattie February. Yesterday was her weigh in day, and in the first week of February, she lost 4.5 pounds! Unbelievable! To show her her achievement, I sent her a picture of a woman holding 5 pounds of fat. In response, knowing that I was disappointed by the scale this morning (but trying to build muscle) she sent me this:
So how about I lose a pound of fat and gain a pound of muscle every week? Deal?

Alright, I am off to do my least favorite workout of all time, P90X's Yoga-X. It is an hour and a half and I've never gotten past the 30 minute mark. But yoga is great for your body, and my body can use the variety. I will finish it today.

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  1. thats alot of protein
    you will be muscley in no time
    thanks for all the info