Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm still here. Still dominating.


Bobby: are you ever going to blog again?
i feel like i'm not blogging cause i dont want to be a blog hog

Me: yeah, i should blog tonight
i just havent been eating anything blogworthy

Bobby: hahah

but i can blog about how i ran 1.5 miles last night

you sure can

Me: and since they have closed all the highways and the entire city of lancaster, it doesnt look like i'll have much else to do tonight

Bobby: you can also blog about how you didnt want to think about former fattie february
but you're killin it!
working out and eating well

i will do that!

I'm still away on business in PA, in the midst of a serious storm that has shut down the City of Lancaster as a whole. But, of course, we're still shooting since we're staying a stone's throw from the studio. I will blog more tonight, since I'll be stuck in the hotel with not much else to do.

TEASER: I have an exciting announcement to share. Maybe exciting just for me, but still, stay tuned...

Yep. That's me, and that's my ass.

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