Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Crowning Achievements

Yes that is Future Fatty Bobby rocking a BK Crown and ketchup-face like it is going out of style. Yes I should have scanned it instead of taking a picture of it through the frame with my phone.

I'm still struggling to figure out how best to work out today (my back feels a little funny and I can't seem to confirm that the gym is open.) Still, it is definitely a successful day nutrition-wise, and I feel fitter than ever. By a lot. And this morning I tied my lowest weigh-in ever at 160.4 pounds, with a whole week to improve that (or screw it up) before my official Tuesday weigh-in. The awesome thing about trying to build muscle is you can gloat about good weigh ins, but dismiss bad ones.

So maybe today is an achievement in that I've really been able to just slip into a totally Former Fattie mindset-I was just remarking to Katy that at 5:30 I somehow wasn't hungry, had 15 points left for the day, and had already had over 100 grams of protein. Its an achievement because I've had no screw-ups, but I've also stopped feeling like the world is an awful barrel of temptation.

Yesterday, however, there were two things that I'm particularly proud of:
  • I finished Yoga X for the first time ever. It is an hour and a half and I'd never crossed the 30 minute mark. I really don't make excuses anymore (maybe I've run out of them) so I knew I had to plow through. What really blew my mind was just how slow the time passed. I wish I'd known over the past year though, that the really difficult stuff is only the first 45 minutes. It then switches to balance exercises, which basically involved me falling for 45 minutes, but it was way more fun and the time moved quickly. By the end, it was basically sitting on the floor and stretching - which i hate - but somehow I found peace in it. Yes, I totally turned into that cliche "I feel so wonderful after yoga" guy.
  • Last night around 9 - 10 PM I was mildly hungry. Knowing I was still legally allowed a snack, I thought about having pretzels and Port Wine cheese (which was perhaps the first thing ever put on my ever growing if-its-not-all-gone-I'll-keep-eating-it list.) I was going to have "just a little" but knew that would never be the case so I had celery instead. I kinda love celery at this point. And I was so happy for it in the morning.
So co-bloggers and commenters, what are your crowning achievements this week?

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