Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bobby and Liz's Gmail Come to Jesus Talk

me: hey boo
Bobby: yooooo
me: whats happening hot stuff
Bobby: i feel fat and ugly
i'm having so much fun in the studio
and you?
Sent at 5:10 PM on Wednesday
me: i am on a binderif i was an alcohol i'd be drunk off my ass
instead i'm a fattyyy
Sent at 5:11 PM on Wednesday
me: ugh need to get my life back in order
i have a bag of doritos hidden in my purse right now
Bobby: hahahahah
i'm sorry
thats a little funny
its not at all
but do you see what we put ourselves through?
me: it is funny
like if i was an alcoholic i would be hidding a bottle of vodka but no i hide doritos in my purse
Bobby: yes absolutely
me: ugh but the thing is i feel totally gross
and like i know it needs to end
i feel so tired and gross and groggy
Sent at 5:16 PM on Wednesday
Bobby: what do you think you can do to end it?
me: well i'm going to talk to the counselor tomorrow and than also the drive not to feel like this anymore
what about you?
Bobby: i'm going to work on what makes me feel good
and work out and let that take care of itself
i guess
me: what do you mean when you say work on what makes you feel good
Bobby: like
i feel good about what i'm doing in my studio right now
so rather than like
sitting inf ront of the mirror and saying
my face got fat again and i dont look cute
i'm going to work on this project
me: nice
someone once told me you're the most beautiful when you're doing what you love and it sounds like thats what you're talking about
Sent at 5:33 PM on Wednesday
Bobby: yea i think so
me: good plan

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