Monday, March 22, 2010

I have not blogged in quite awhile and that seems to be because I cannot focus on one thought. I have written numerous drafts but cannot hit publish. I don't know what's going on with me right now I feel all over the place. To be honest I feel like I'm wearing myself a little thin lately. Perhaps its time to de-cutter my life.

I am going to do so by eliminating stress, by:
  • returning my library books. I have been putting this off for a long long time. It's time to face the music and return my over-do books.
  • Get some things done off my t0-d0 list- essays for job interviews, lessons for school, and grad school stuff.
  • Put away my clothes.
  • Clean my room.
Hopefully this will be a good start.

While my life has become a bit of a stressed, tangled mess my eating has not followed suit. I did gain weight this week but only 0.2lbs which I was pretty happy about. My weight and my life issues have begun to separate which is a definite sign of progress!! Hooray

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