Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Stressful Week Makes Lizzy a Crazy Girl

In Bobby's last post he said "It actually has been great though, because I've gotten into enough of a routine that fitness isn't occupying all of my brain-space. It is starting to take care of itself." I love it and I'm so so proud of him because I think that is totally the ultimate goal. To have fitness and good eating just become such a part of who we are that they take care of themselves. Way to be Bobby!

At times I have def been in that mode too- choosing healthy options seems to come easily and naturally and I exercise all the time because I want to. However on this journey of weight loss there are ups and downs. Right now I'm somewhere in the middle. At times I make good healthy choices and other times I just dont. I think the reason I am not totally in the zone is because I'm stressed!

Right now my life is getting crazy- midterms, papers,30 4th graders, plans, supervision, and next years job hunt!! Ugh its just A LOT right now but thats life. There will always be stress and a bit of chaos but what I eat does not have to react to it.

A little back story: Last year I quite my job and went back to graduate school. I got into my dream school and academic program and now I'm going to a really competitive program. it was a huge transition and a lot more stressss entered my life as did twenty pounds that I had lost.

SO I really let the stress of school affect my physical and mental health but I really want to do better this semester. This year I've lost 9 of the 20 pounds that I gained back and I want to keep on going. So now that I know this is trigger time I have to action plan about how to deal with that.

My plan:
  • Yoga (I'm ashamed to say that my series of yoga classes ran out and I haven't been back in weeks but now more than ever I need to hit my yoga studio again)
  • Socialize with my friends (last year I kind of shut myself out and let myself get a little depressed- not this time.)
  • Take Time at Night to De-Stress (whatever form that may take: journaling, praying, doing yoga, breathing deep)
  • Blog it out- even if its quick- just to keep me accountable
  • Try and live in the present so when I'm studying I'm studying and when I'm done relaxing I allow myself to relax and not think about school
  • Eat right- track my foods
  • Work Out
So that's it. Wish me luck!

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  1. great goals
    blogging does keep us accountable most of the time
    best of luck i know life throws lemons but you definatley are making lemonade