Saturday, April 3, 2010

50 Reasons I want to be Fit and Fabulous

50 Reasons I want to be Fit and Fabulous


2. Feel Fantastic at the beach

3. Feel Confident and hot on dates and around men in general

4. Feel Good in Sexy Underwear

5. No More Muffin Top

6. Bathing Suit Shopping

7. My friend Tim and Maureen’s wedding this summer- I want to wear a hot dress

8. So I never had to wear tummy tucker underwear or tights

9. Seeing people that I haven’t seen in awhile say how great I look

10. Feel good naked

11. Be Comfortable in all my clothes

12. Walk into any store and be able to shop there

13. I can eat with control and without emotion

14. Run father

15. Do the crow move in yoga (its this crazy move where you balance your entire body weight on your forearms- I came close to getting it a few times but have never conquered it)

16. Beat my time in the Triathlon

17. No longer wonder if I should apply to the biggest loser

18. When I go on job interviews I will be comfortable in my fancy clothes (when I went on my last interview the pants on my suit where too tight and I so uncomfortable, rather than thinking about the interview I was wondering if they noticed the tightness of my pants- ridiculous)

19. Think logically about food

20. To be healthy

21. When I’m a mom I want to be a super fit fun sexy mom

22. When I am out with my friends I will no longer feel like the “fat girl” but just another girl out with her friends

23. Get sick less

24. Skinny dipping

25. More energy

26. Live longer

27. Sleep Better

28. Prevents Disease

29. Skinny people make more money than fat people (I don’t agree with this of course but it’s a fact I learned on biggest loser)

30. When I get married one day dress shopping will be fantastic

31. When my friends start getting married I will not feel total fear and panic about their choices of bridesmaids dresses

32. Have control around fried or fast food

33. Eat when I’m hungry not when I’m depressed, angry, bored, happy, or drunk (eating healthy when drunk is so hard!)

34. Less Stress

35. Positive Inner dialogue

36. When I lose all my weight I want to be a success story in a magazine or website

37. To Watch the Pounds Drop

38. Motivate others to get healthy (mostly my mom)

39. Hike without getting winded

40. Enjoy my life! Live it not survive it

41. Wear sleeveless shirts

42. Next time I run a half marathon I will be quicker

43. I’m going on vacation with skinny friends this summer and I don’t want to be embarrassed about my body the whole trip.

44. To feel wonderful

45. To feel proud

46. Not feel that gross bloaty nasty feeling when I ate too much

47. Do kick ass push-ups (I hate them and avoid them at all costs)

48. Have lovely toned arms that I am proud to show off in strapless dresses

49. To wear high pencil skirts and other clothes I feel too big for

50. Accept and love my body

* I understand that some of these things on my list I can have now, such as feeling confident, proud, and fantastic, loving my body. I am working on feeling that at my current weight but I know that losing weight will definitely help me feel better about myself and love myself.

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