Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monday's menu - Katy (and we're back)

Well, I'm back. My cross country adventure was exactly that - an adventure. We made it back, all 2800 miles, in 4 days. Only one major hiccup, which included me, Alex, our car, the uhaul, the Rocky Mountains, a blizzard, and a snow bank.

Diet wise, I completely understand where middle America is disgustingly obese. Like, disgusting. Every single rest stop was full of packaged, processed junk food. Even for coffee, there was no option of milk. Always half and half, in 200 varieties. When I asked the cashier at a rest stop in Utah if they had any apples or other fresh fruit, she replied:

"Ohhh... uh... no. We don't got that no more. We used to. In the summer. Not anymore. We're in the middle of nowhere. No cows, no fruit, nothin."

I'm sorry, but those same people who get you 14 different variations of beef jerky can also bring you fruit. And I'm pretty sure that donut display didn't just drop straight from heaven... although in my dreams it did.

Anyway, for me personally, I really think I did a great job given my options. We ate fast food 3 meals a day, but I'd usually end up opting out of the Egg McMuffin and just having an apple and a light string cheese, which we'd bought on our way out of LA I'm still sure I went over my points, but hopefully it won't ruin my chances when it comes to our final weigh in (in only 12 days! FUCK!)

I have my menus written down from each day, but I don't think I'll post them, unless someone really wants me to.

But we'll do yesterday, since my points reset, and it will keep me on track for this week:

Points: 22/22
Exercise: Yeah right, 17 hours in the car.
HGs: No, but close actually. Closest I came the whole trip anyway.

  • Fiber one bar - 2
  • Starbucks coffee with milk (the ONLY place we found it the whole drive!) - 1
  • OJ - 2
  • Light string cheese - 1

  • Taco Bell Fresco style beef soft taco & a side of pintos and cheese - 7
  • Mike and Ikes - 2

  • Subway 6" turkey on honey wheat, with "the works" including extra pickles and banana peppers, and fat free honey mustard - 5
  • 100 cal pack of cookies - 2

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