Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thursday and Friday's Menu - Bobby

Thursday was interesting. Basically, I had a pretty standard day, but then I went to an industry party. I had no idea what I was going to be having for dinner or if I was just going to be munching, so I left 15 points for it. I was really nervous about the temptation of delicious appetizers EVERYWHERE. Appetizers are, by far, the number one reason that I am overweight. They are just so little and yet so delicious that I can not stop eating them if there are any left on the premises. 

For the first hour or so of the party, however, I had the EXACT OPPOSITE problem. I could barely FIND them! And when I did they were super tiny and super healthy. I thought I was going to die of starvation. I was saved by mini grilled cheeses. And then mini quesadillas. And then mini fried triangle things. Finally, I saw these little white lollipops. Then I realized that they were actually some sort of fruit on a lollipop stick. But THEN I realized that it was a frozen ball of heaven. I literally have no idea what it actually was, I think that there was some sort of white chocolate inside, but I can tell you that when you were eating it you couldn't see anything because it took over every nerve in your body. I obviously had 2. They were SMALL though, so they couldn't have been more than 20 points each. 

So I look at Thursday as good and bad. The good news is, even when the deliciousness started, I did not go overboard. The bad news is that at things like this, I'm really not capable at all of figuring out how many points I had. I would estimate I went over, but hopefully only by a few points. The OTHER good news is I didn't drink anything. The other bad news is that industry parties sober are way less fun.

Friday's Menu
Definitely wanted to stay right on track here to make up for Thursday and leave plenty of points for Valentines day. 

Total: 31.5
HG's Yes! (Finally)
Exercise  Still no.

Yogurt - 2
MoJo Bar - 2

Lunch with Jimbo:
Tuna steak sandwich with deliciousness on top. I got it on wheat instead of a giant roll (sad), and replaced the fries with a simple salad (sadder). All together it comes to about - 14

Lots of Broccoli - 0 
2 Potato Rolls - 4.5
2 Roasted Garlic Chicken Sausage - 7 

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