Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wednesday's Menu - Bobby

Total Points - 37 /31 (22.5 for the week)
HG's: You know it. (3/5)
Workout: Yes (1/4)

I eat La Yogurt (I think "light") Probiotic Vanilla, for 2 points. La Yogurt was my Dad's client a million years ago so its just habit - I enjoy it but I've never really tried other yogurts. Also, he uses it instead of milk in his cereal. I'm a dry cereal kinda guy, but its probably worth a shot. 

Yesterday brought the return of 30 Day Shred to my life. Apparently it had been longer than I thought since I had last done it, so I'm nice and sore today. FEEL THE BURN.

Side note: I swam this morning and thought I had a party tonight, but apparently it is next week (that was an early-ass facebook invite). I'm therefore going to swim again tonight. I write this now because if I tell the internet I'm going to, I'm going to have very little excuse not to. Also, I want Katy to know exactly how she's going to lose. 

2 eggs (sunny side up) - 4
2 slices wheat bread - 2.5
La Yogurt - 1 

Salad, points from egg, oil, salmon - 9

The Reason I Love Bonus Points:
A random slice of pizza in the afternoon. Delicious - 9

Leftover Apricot chicken - 8.5 (I think this is generous but whatevs)
1/2 cup of rice (instead of a whole cup. Look at me being skinny!)  - 2

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