Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Top o' the mornin...

"...and the rest of the day to you!"

Happy St. Pats. Things here are good, had a really nice weekend hanging out around Brooklyn & the city. On Saturday, lazed around a bit and went to the gym, then at night we went to this WILD restaurant for Shannon's birthday dinner. It's called Panna 2 and it's a BYOB Indian restaurant that's the size of a shoebox and FILLED with Christmas lights about 5 feet down from the ceiling. Like, you're sitting there eating delicious Naan, and there are glowing chili peppers dangling on your head. Then we went drinking at the Delancey. Good. Probably about 8 drinks consumed. Nice work.

Sunday was Alex and I's (Alex and me's? Me and Alex's?) 1 year anniversary. First of all, I just want to point out how amazingly cute my boyfriend is and tell you all that he showed up on Friday night to my apartment with a beautiful bouquet of wildflowers and cupcakes - Weight Watchers 2pt cupcakes - that he made from scratch! I mean seriously, is he great, or is he great?

Anyway.... on Sunday I let myself have a bagel for the first time in a while. After I came down from cloud 9, Alex and I went and got 1 hour massages (wow hello amazing), and then went to the bar where we first "met" - and by "met" I mean made out. George Keeleys on the UWS. Had lunch there (Grilled chicken sandwich), and spent the rest of the afternoon at Riverside park.

Yesterday I ate well, and discovered a nice new place for dinner - Pump Energy Foods. Pretty much a Weight Watchers dream for anyone in the city. Of course the food is kind of bland, but it's really healthy, and not cooked in any grease, butter, oil, etc. And with dishes with names like "Hercules," you instantly feel stronger. http://www.thepumpenergyfood.com/#/ - I had the "Lean Body Junior" for a total of 5 points.

Also last night we saw the Ting Tings at Terminal 5, which was a great show. Usually I booze up big time for shows, but I only had 1 Stella. Today, however, will likely be a different story. We're meeting up at a pub in Brooklyn, and I think my dad is even going to meet us.

Oh, and I lost 3 pounds since last weeks weigh in.

See ya.

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