Thursday, April 23, 2009

Katy 4/23/09

Hey all. I'm updating now because I'm leaving after work to go to Alex's, and then we're going up to Rochester for the weekend for his family party. I'm really, really hoping I make good choices (that means no garbage plates, frozen custard, or white hot dogs... sorry Rochester).

B: I mixed it up!
Double fiber honey wheat english muffin - 1 pt [whole grain]
w/Laughing Cow light - 1 pt [(fake) dairy]
2 Morningstar Farms breakfast links - 1 pt [protein]

L: from Metro
Salad with peas, beets, tomatoes, mushrooms - 0 pt [veggies x3]
...feta cheese - 1 pt [dairy, but probably not enough to count]
...kidney beans - 1 pt [protein]
...balsamic & oil - 2.5 pts [oil]
Tomato garden vegetable soup - 2 pts [veggies]

S: Starbucks
Haven't had it yet but since I've only used 9.5 pts, I think I'll have another Skinny Vanilla Latte and really get my dairy put away. - 2 pts [dairy]

That'll mean I have 9.5 pts for the rest of today, and the only HG I still have to get is maybe another fruit/veggie, since my servings were a bit ambiguous between the soup/salad.

Bobby - not to be a sleuth, but I am thinking I don't want to blog whammys as they happen. Obviously it'll be clear with the menus here, but with exercise I'm thinking no. This is still a competition after all... and I still want to kick your ass.

Ro-cha-cha-cha, cha-cha-cha-cha, cha-cha, sex me so good I said blah blah blah. Work it.

EDIT: As of 5:14pm I still have not had my Starbucks, but I did have 1 mini York peppermint pattie. Psha 1 point of glory.

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